Eliana Crema
I am joyful.
I am present.
I am humble, yet empowered in my actions.
With compassion, I work on myself.
With gratitude, I am kind to all living things.

Eliana was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In her early twenties, she moved to the United States to further challenge herself. She wanted to learn another language while pursuing a college degree. She was soon joined by her high school sweetheart, and while still in her freshman year, she got married. 

After graduating from California State University, Northridge, with a degree in Psychology, Eliana had mastered both English and Spanish. Eliana took time off to start a family. Although motherhood transformed her in ways she had never anticipated, and she desired to remain a stay-at-home mother, two years later she had to re-join the workforce for financial reasons.

When necessity met opportunity, Eliana accepted the position of executive administrative assistant at a software company. A few months later, the V.P. and director offered her the opportunity to join their quality assurance team. Although at the time she was apprehensive about the complete change in gears (from psychology to technology), she happily accepted the challenge. Today Eliana has a successful career in software quality assurance and business systems analysis. Although immensely grateful for her professional success and what it has afforded her, Eliana's personal interests reach far beyond software development.

Eliana is a devoted parent and a dedicated meditator. She continues to educate herself in various aspects of child development, spirituality, and metaphysics. She has a practice in the healing arts. 

In addition to being formally trained in Integrative Reiki, Eliana is also a traditional Usui Reiki Master. She is also a certified quantum healing hypnosis (QHHT) practitioner. She learned this powerful hypnosis technique directly from the legendary past life regression therapist, Dolores Cannon. 

As she continues to expand her knowledge through her volunteer healing work with Akashic Records experts, she expects to devote her retired years to a helping heal children all over the world. 

Eliana lives in Southern California with her teenage daughter and their beloved dog.

Services Provided

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT)
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Akashic Records
  • Distance sessions (30 minutes to 1 hour)

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